I’M NOT A DOCTOR ONLY A PATIENT. (disclosure purpose, don't want to be prosecuted while sharing my experiences)
Nice to meet you.
I’m Rafaela, from Brazil, based in L.A.
Why i epilepsy? 

I decided to show people that are affected directly or indirectly that is possible to have a amazing life. You're not happy with it, I get it, or like to talk about it, you're not alone. See, I'm on my thirties, it took me 25 yrs to accept and talk about epilepsy. If you google EPILEPSY, mainly sad and horrifying stories will come up. Yes, there are heartbreaking and very severe cases. However, treatments are available that can successfully control seizures for most people with epilepsy. The problem is that not many people write the good life they have, after a epilepsy diagnosis.


I'm blessed, family, friends are very supportive.

Oh btw,I am a mom ;)

Despite the risk of congenital malformations

due to epileptic medication, my little one is


Meaning I have epilepsy, and this didn’t make

impossible make it trough and the beauty

of having a child. 


Epilepsy doesn’t define me

and it shouldn’t define anyone.


It’s important to be educated and end the stigma

around the condition. So whether you, or a loved one

have the disease it's time to built awareness together.

Scroll down, sign up, and you’ll know more about the

way I live with epilepsy.


Very happy to have you here. 



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