Interesting one: I was interested on KETO DIET to loose some weight ( I didn't do the diet or lost weight lol). Then I started reading about it and found out it was originally specifically designed as a treatment for EPILEPSY in the 1920s. FYI 70% of people with epilepsy control seizures with meds. For those who don't, keto may help, and REDUCE seizures in both frequency and severity.


Our body uses carbs as energy source. When we cut carbs/ sugar from our diet and increase fat, our body uses fat as energy. Ketogenesis takes fatty acids from stored fat and converts them into ketones. Consequently the body will get into "KETOSIS". These chemical process help to reduce seizures for some people. Ketosis is a state where you body gets energy from fats instead of carbohydrates.

The ketones are then released into the blood to fuel cells like our brain and muscle cells. The process by which the body burns ketones for fuel is called ketosis.

Visit your doctor if you consider doing this diet to treat epilepsy, is not that simple. If you want to loose weight, good luck my love.

A Ketones (the ash or residue left after the fat is burned) are concentrated in the blood and inhibit seizures, although exactly how is unknown.

Also, this diet promise treating other neurologic disease like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Autism, Depression, Migraines and Cancer.

Can you imagine if thats true? If helps 50% is worth it.

The patient can't do it on their on, the diet MUST be guided by neurologist and dietitian together. Calculating precisely the ketogenic diet will determine its success.

Visit your doctor if you consider doing this diet to treat epilepsy, is not that simple.

I already said, I'M NOT A DOCTOR ONLY A PATIENT, here to talk about my experiences and info about epilepsy. Maybe ill write about stuff that aren't proof scientifically, well, then just igonre that ;)



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