International Epilepsy Day is today, March 11th

Pretty strategic launching the website yesterday right? Of course!

Loads of important people, World Health Organization and others, everyone talking about it! I couldn't miss this!

This disease that affects 65 Million people worldwide, 3.4 Million in US! And still people thing they should hold the thong of the person that is having a seizure. The INTERNATIONAL EPILEPSY DAY seeks to raise awareness and educate facts about epilepsy. This day also highlights the urgent need for improved treatment, better care, and greater investment in research. Epilepsy is one of the world’s oldest known medical conditions, however it is poorly understood. People fear and misconceptions persist, causing discrimination against people with the condition. Meaning live with epilepsy, discrimination and misconceptions sometimes is worst than to deal with the condition itself. Learning about epilepsy, including the signs and symptoms, can go a long way toward reducing stigma and improving patients’quality of life.


But at least I believe on the power of communication, this social media era will work together to bring information and education along. Today is website Day 2, I'm receiving many amazing feedbacks. Family, friends, friends of friends and from people I've never heard before. Feeling proud, this is music to my eyes. It took me a long time to take the courage to take this step. I'm exposing my life here, my family's life too. This is big. This is huge. Actually it took me a long time to accept the disease and talk about with no prejudice. BTW, prejudice is one of the best words that describes Epilepsy. Increasing awareness of Epilepsy reduces fear and discrimination caused by lack of knowledge. It's so important to improve the quality of life of people with Epilepsy. This is my goal, show people that they can be happy despite the Epilepsy diagnosis. And people that are around as well, family and friends are always worried, I get it, trust me, I know.

This video is amazing, check it out:

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