Why talk about Epilepsy?

Ok, first of all, I'm new with this writing thing, but ill get better.

The idea started last year, 2018. And now, 1 year after, I'm going for it!

Got my instagram account activated @i_epilepsy, and I just finished the website.

I realized I MUST talk about an "untalked" disease. I have epilepsy for a long time. I feel Epilepsy is a taboo. The person that has epilepsy is embarrassed about it, families and friends dont talk about it. And this is why I'm here, I am here to unite and help each other, spread information is so so important.

Let's face it, it’s happening. Ordinary people are choosing themselves to do extraordinary things in other people’s lives via a blog. And I'm one of those ordinary people, that's my goal here, help people affected directly and indirectly by epilepsy.

I want people that recently had their diagnosis to know they can be happy, have a wonderful life. I promise its not the end of the world. What makes me sad is seeing tragic and terrible testimonials about epilepsy! Of course there are severe cases, and i'm very sorry for that. However that's not my case, and not of many others. I'm sure lot's of other people have a great life too. I am married, have a son, have amazing family and friends supporting me. You, your child, your friend can do it. But we gotta do this together.

Here you'll see my words, not doctors difficult terminology. My life, will be opened to all of you who wishes to read it. While a diagnosis of Epilepsy isTERRIBLE, it is how it effects the little things in daily life that may otherwise be overlooked that becomes important. Hopefully my little advice on how I deal with life may help out.

I live for today! Questioning, "why me?", why I have epilepsy or "what ifs" wont change anything at this point.



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